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Everything you need to know about the terms of service when using Offspring

You can view and download our terms of use here:

Offspring Terms of Use

MangoPay are an EU-regulated payment services provider. More information about the company can be found on their website. https://www.mangopay.com/

We use MangoPay to facilitate payments via card or direct debit. When you make a contribution in our app, MangoPay deducts the money from your account and deposits it into an e-wallet on their system. Once a week, that money is then transferred into the account that was registered by the owner of the Offspring profile you just contributed to when they setup their Offspring account.

For most people using our app, this will usually be the child’s savings account.

There are no fees to you as a result of our decision to use MangoPay. Offspring assumes the cost of all transactions made through our app.

MangoPay’s terms and conditions are incorporated within the terms of use for Offspring. For the avoidance of doubt they are also provided here:

MangoPay Terms and Conditions – Offspring

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