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Making Payments

Offspring have partnered with Banked to bring our customers an easier and safer way to collect contributions for their savings goal.

Pay by Bank, powered by Banked

Banked is a new payments provider, which enables customers to pay using their digital bank account. With pay by bank, there are no card numbers required, no third-party sites, and no storing your financial data, just simple and safe payments.

Paying via Banked is a simple 3 step process:

Step 1: Select your bank
Through our banking integration, we’ll direct you to your mobile banking app or online banking site.

Step 2: Login
You’ll login using your biometrics, either Face ID or Touch ID on mobile, or your unique login details on desktop.

Step 3: Authorise
Simply select the button to authorise your contribution amount and you’re finished.

There’s no need to set up an account with Banked, you simply need your mobile banking app or online banking service. As Banked does not store any financial data, using pay by bank ensures the highest level of safety and security for our customers.

Banked is regulated by the FCA

Banked Ltd is authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority
Ground Floor, Finchale House, Belmont Business Park, Durham, England, DH1 1TW
Company number 11047186; FCA Firm Reference Number 816944