Are you part of a school PTA or local community group and need to raise money? Here are a few PTA fundraising ideas that can help you to reach your goal.

Fairy Trail

A pre-school in South Gloucestershire had a lovely idea to run a fairy trail in woodlands in their village (with the owner’s permission of course).  Members of the pre-school committee painted designs for each fairy house and charged a small fee for a map.  There was also a ‘design a fairy’ competition which helped increase the fundraising total.

Payments were made for maps and competition entries via Offspring making it easy to collect cash online.  All payments went straight into the pre-school’s account making admin really easy too.

The pre-school managed to raise over £800 with just a £30 investment. This was spent on the fairy houses and paints which were purchased from hobbycraft

If you have any artistic PTA members – this could be a great option.

Themed Party Bags

A themed party bag is always a popular idea with children. This could be for Halloween, Easter or Christmas.  It’s easy to source and pack the bags.  There are lots of great fillers available via amazon

Orders and payments can be managed online using Offspring.  Many parents find virtual payments easier.

Local scarecrow trail

Another lovely idea is to recruit members of your local community to create scarecrows which can be added to a trail.  Maps for the trail can then be sold to help with your fundraising efforts.  The theme options are endless! 

Use Offspring to collect payments online and you’ll be surprised at how much you can raise.

Virtual Balloon race

An environmentally friendly and very clever option is a virtual balloon race.  Set it up using balloon.co.uk and sell tickets to your local community either via the platform or they can be sold offline using a platform like Offspring.  Simply select a start and end time and see which balloon wins! 

Clothing collection

Another great idea which is also good for the environment is to set up a clothing collection at your school or pre-school. 

Rags2riches4schools will weigh the clothes donated and convert them to cash.  This activity can add a boost to your fundraising efforts and the clothes will be recycled so it’s a win-win.

Collect cash online

These are just a few PTA fundraising ideas that you could try with your local community.

If you need an easy and secure way to collect payments for any fundraising activity try using Offspring.  You can collect cash contributions online really simply with low costs for school PTA’s and community groups.