Offspring is a social saving platform. In recent months, customers are increasingly using Offspring to collect cash contributions from groups. 

When we launched Offspring, we focused on helping family groups contribute to, and build, their children’s savings. Recent experience shows us that our customers are using Offspring for more reasons than we had originally anticipated, including collecting cash for fundraising, community activities, and paying for group trips. Offspring is becoming a space where friends, families and communities collaborate to achieve financial goals.

The cool thing for us is that Offspring’s flexibility simplifies an awkward admin task for many – collecting cash and chasing contributions or subs from friends, family and community groups! We are evolving with our customers and to support them in how they want to use Offspring.

People collecting with Offspring

Some recent examples of how customers are using Offspring include:

  • parents in school year groups collecting cash for a teacher’s gift
  • colleague collections towards a retirement gift
  • contributions towards a baby shower
  • contributions towards birthday celebration
  • family members and godparents contributing towards long terms savings of children (not gifting more plastic!)
  • parent teacher associations using Offspring to collect fundraising contributions
  • individuals organising cycling, golf tours and community pilates classes wanting to use Offspring to collect subs!

“Well…why can’t I just use Paypal Money Pools or GoFundMe?” we hear you think 🤔. “They collect cash just like Offspring, so why wouldn’t I use them?” we hear you think, some more 🤔🤔

We think both of them do a good job but we do things better.

Organise cash collections

Here are 9 reasons why Offspring may be better suited to your needs:

  1. Invitations to contribute are easy – we create the contribution link, you share it
  2. Payments reach your bank account instantaneously. With PayPal or GoFundMe it could take a week! The risk of dipping into your own funds for big payments is reduced
  3. You start earning interest immediately, even though current interest rates are low!
  4. You can keep track of contributions on the Offspring dashboard. You don’t have the administration hassle of trawling through bank statements to work out who has contributed (or not!)
  5. Treasurers of community organisations can reconcile contributions with their bank statements by individual fund-raising goals, making their life simpler
  6. You can link any UK Bank or Building Society account to receive contributions. Paypal and GofundMe have a restricted set of accounts to which you can transfer contributions
  7. You can control who has access to your group collection goal
  8. Offspring creates a secure, and individual, link. You don’t have to send bank details by email or text
  9. You can personalise your Offspring page unlike some other platforms used for cash collections

Customers say...

The best demonstration of how Offspring is being used is from our customers!

Jess from Cumbria said “My friend is having triplets I wanted to help them by raising funds – like a baby shower. I used offspring and it was super easy to collect cash from our friends group for things my friend really needed.”

Faye, a Treasurer of a School PTA said “We are delighted to be using Offspring for our fundraising.  Such a simple and easy tool – we share amongst parents and the community to reach our goals to fund resources for the children. I would recommend Offspring to any charity”

Kate from London, and mother of an 18 year old, said “I set up an account with Offspring which godparents and family used to make contributions towards driving lessons for my daughter. I hadn’t realised these lessons can cost nearly £1,000 nowadays!”

We’d love to hear how you have used Offspring and how it compares with other providers you have previously used. If you have questions about Offspring check out our FAQs page and do drop us a line at support@offspring.co if you’d like to learn more about how Offspring can help you.