Your child’s birthday can be one of the most stressful times of the year. You may have to plan a party, organise what guests will be attending and finally, buy their gifts and presents.

However, this year make your gift-giving different and consider an alternative kind of present that may be far more beneficial to their wellbeing. It’s time to look into giving the gift of sports or activities to your loved ones.

Recent studies have revealed that giving your child too many things to play with can result in the opposite of the desired effect – they may actually be less happy

What kind of sports or activities can I offer?

There are lots of different sports out there that your child may want to participate in. All vary in price and experience.


Firstly, there is horse-riding, which is great for children that love animals and want to develop their equestrian skills. The cost of horse-riding is dependent on where you do it, and prices can range from £12.50 for a half an hour lesson to around £42-£43 for private lessons.


 Skateboarding is a skill that requires balance and bravery and it’s great to offer both talents to your children. Skateboarding isn’t as popular as the other sports and activities, so it’s harder to find group classes. However, there are options for private tutors where lessons are around £15 to £25.


Football lessons can be cheap but if you’re hiring a private football coach it can be more expensive. The national average price, according to Bidvine, is around £26 to £40 a lesson, but it may be more beneficial to have private lessons in the long run.

Brownies and Scouts

Experiences like brownies or scouts may be a good option for younger children. Some brownies will offer you the first few sessions free and then only make you pay a small fee at the start of each term. Similarly with scouts too, there will be taster sessions, then a fee of around £20 quarterly to cover hall hire and equipment.

What are the benefits of giving the gift of sports or activities?

According to iheartintelligence, ‘researchers have found that gratitude and generosity rise when experiences are given instead of material objects.’ Children appreciate experiences more than they do toys or instant gratification gifts. Hobbies and sports help children to develop social and communication skills. Attending sports’ clubs and activities can also help kids to create, build and improve talents and abilities, so that they can use them when they’re older in hobbies or their careers. You may well be giving a child an ability that they can use to be successful later on in life.