Technology has changed everything – the way we take in information, the way we bank, the way we read and the way we respond to gifts and wishes during holidays and birthday celebrations.  Thank you notes feel like a thing of the past. 

With a world so focused on the self and social media, isn’t it time we opened back up to our friends and family? Isn’t it time we started saying thank you again?

What happened to thank you notes?

Opening gifts used to come with a nagging feeling in the back of your mind – “You mustn’t forget to write a thank you card”. However, somewhere along the line this art has been lost. We are sending less and less handwritten notes to those who give us gifts, and even avoiding phone calls to express our gratitude.

Though we don’t want to admit it, it’s hard to give up on the idea of receiving thanks

That’s why in this time-limited world we are constantly looking for quicker ways to say thank you. The etiquette of formal thank you notes got lost somewhere amongst digital messaging platforms and the ability to send a three-letter, robotic text of ‘thx’ instead. People are often busy and forget to express their gratitude, especially around times of weddings and baby showers – there’s simply so much going on for most individuals to sit down and handwrite fifty thank you notes.

Long gone are the days of buying a gift for someone, that costed the same as the one they brought you as an act of gratitude for your own present. Everything can be bought at different prices, and it’s important to remember, ‘an expensive gift should not mean the recipient is expected to reciprocate. Sometimes people with larger gift budgets truly enjoy buying luxury items or expensive items for people’. Gratitude is often lost, because you are more concerned with trying to work out the costs.

The Environment

‘Thank you’ cards can be seen as an unnecessary use of paper in an age of major concern for the environment, especially those wrapped in a plastic film to protect them. That’s probably why some people have steered away from buying them on a regular basis. However, people still should be thanked for their generosity and that’s why our app has a brilliant feature that will let you say thanks once someone has donated money to your savings goal. It’s an easy-to-use feature that will take seconds out of your day but will improve the mood of those who have helped you save and let them know you’re thinking of them too.

What are the benefits of expressing gratitude?

Saying thank you can have huge mental, physical and social benefits for both those who say it, and for those who are on the receiving end of it. ‘Grateful people experience fewer aches and pains and report feeling healthier than other people, according to a 2012 study published in Personality and Individual Differences’. Furthermore, gratitude reduces toxic emotions like envy and regret! ‘Research confirms that gratitude effectively increases happiness and reduces depression.’

Whether or not you love the gift or the giver, a thank you should always be sent for a thoughtful gift.

Gifts are personal; someone has taken time out of their day to give you a present, so it makes sense that you should take time out of your day to express gratitude for it. This makes the gift-giver feel appreciated, strengthening the bond between the two. Present buying is an act of sentiment, and so is writing a personalised thank you note. It reconnects us with those who matter and reminds us that we should take time to think about the people who mean a lot to us in our life. With Offspring, you can easily show your gratitude when someone has donated to your savings goal and let your loved ones know how much they mean to you!