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At Offspring, our goal is to make lives easier, so your savings are one less thing you have to worry about. A lot of people have struggled with saving for their goals – despite their family and friends’ willingness to help. You probably have a story of your own. Some of our team have shared their stories.

A Gap Year Cut-Short

“A few years ago, I spent almost a year doing volunteer work in developing countries – a kind of adult ‘gap year.’ For about a year prior to my adventure, I worked 3 jobs to save for all the flights, accommodation and other expenses I’d have while I was away. It was exhausting but worth it, because it was one of the best experiences of my life. My family and friends saw how hard I was working but couldn’t really understand what I was working for or how they could help, so they didn’t really contribute. Once I left on my journey, and my loved ones got the chance to see the difference I was making with local non-profit organizations, they wanted to help. I was even approached by strangers who felt inspired by my work and wanted to support me – but this was really difficult for everyone because they didn’t have an easy way to send me money. Unfortunately, I had to end my volunteer work early because I hadn’t saved enough money to cover all the costs. If there had been an easy, safe and secure way for everyone who wanted to contribute towards my volunteer goals to do so, I could have continued making a difference in a way that was meaningful to me – and to the people I was helping – for much longer.”

With Offspring you can share your goals so friends and family can easily contribute to them. And it’s a lot easier for your friends and family to make those contributions – no need to remember account details, write cheques or send cash. It’s also a lot easier to manage your money and see how much you’ve got saved towards your goal so you don’t fall short. Once you’ve completed one goal, you can change it to another so that you never stop working towards your dream life.

Inheritance in Lots of Different Places

“As I was growing up, I was vaguely aware that there was a small amount of money being saved by a collection of relatives, with the idea being that I’d inherit the money when I turned eighteen. Whenever the topic of this money was brought up, I remember seeing the look of dread on my Mum’s face. I always assumed it was because she was nervous that I’d just go and irresponsibly blow it all on a new TV. However, the dread was actually being caused by the apprehension of trying to source all of the different bonds and accounts that had been opened sporadically over the years. When I turned 18, my Mum handed me a large file filled with paperwork about various capital bonds, premium bonds and savings accounts that I now owned. I would have to earn this money. Phoning various banks and emailing various organisations – it took me several weeks to access all of the money. Which was frustrating, because I needed a new TV. Just kidding! All of my Mum’s dread and all of my time spent trying to access my money would have been saved had Offspring been around then. I am glad that when my wife and I have children, it’ll be easier!”

As we continue to develop  our app, you will be able to see all your savings from one place, and see who’s donated to your goal! That means no confusing bonds, multiple accounts or money in lots of different places. You can even send a thank you message to anyone who’s donated too, so no-one is left out!