As the sun begins to shine in the UK, it signals one thing for everyone – summer. With summer, comes warmer nights sitting in the garden and the children being home from school for the holidays.

However, it’s also the start of the holiday season, with lots of families taking trips away during their time off.

The Cost of a Summer Booking

Booking a break during the summer holidays is one of the most expensive times to go away.

Taking a family of four on a summer holiday now costs an average of £1,212, according to new research .

The difference in prices can literally happen in a matter of weeks. The Evening Standard reveals new research that families spend around £4,800 on holidays each year. Resorts hike up the prices during June, July and August because they know people will spend the money. The summer holidays are the only time when families are usually all be available without the restrictions of school or work.

However, lots of families will do whatever it takes to get away and avoid the rise in prices. According to the Standard, 59% of families in 2018 said they couldn’t afford to take their children away that year. Instead, they opted to take their children out of school during term time and pay the £120 fine as a more financially beneficial option than paying summer holiday rates. However, that decision may change as schools are considering hiking the school fine up to an immense £1,000!

Spending Money

Unfortunately, the initial cost of the holiday isn’t where the spending stops. Families will have to take a lot of spending money with them too, especially if they’re not staying at an all-inclusive hotel.

All-Inclusive or Not?

Whether or not to choose an all-inclusive package is a difficult decision for families to make. Many companies have moved over to only offering all-inclusive packages in their holidays. However, when you have the option, it’s tough trying to figure out what selection’s best.

External activities like water parks and amusement rides will all be extra money on top of the original cost. Also, eating out, drinks and ice-cream can all contribute to a pretty expensive holiday abroad.

All-inclusive packages are pricey but can pay off in the long run, especially if food and drink in your resort is expensive. Nevertheless, it can be quite limiting, and you may not experience the culture outside of your hotel. This is because you feel obliged to eat in every night as you’ve already paid for it. If you decide to venture outside of your all-inclusive resort, the costs for activities can be staggering, especially when travelling to common tourist destinations.

There are other options available like half board and breakfast that are less limiting and less money too.

Try England Instead

More and more families are choosing to holiday in England, instead of going abroad. The expenses going abroad are too much for families, and there are some really lovely resorts in the UK for half the price. You could use this summer as an excuse to try camping or caravanning.

In 2018, 54% of families chose a staycation instead, as their budget wouldn’t allow them to travel abroad

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