Your child’s birthday is not only a milestone in their life, but in your life too. It should be celebrated every year. However, how much is too much? Everyone wants to spoil their child, but is there a risk of over-doing it?

In this article we look at the financial do’s and don’ts of children’s birthday presents and parties and where to draw the line…trust us, it’s way before golden piñatas and caviar.


As your child gets older, you can try new and adventurous activities for their birthday parties. There’s a whole range of different things to do from rock climbing, to play parks and to leisure centres that will host a whole sports day for your offspring. However, these events aren’t cheap and will add up as more guests attend too. For example, Edmonton Leisure Centre charges £110.00 for pool hire, £20.00 for the flumes and £25.00 for a meeting room for afterwards – that’s only for twenty children. Better also offers an Inflatable Main Pool Party at a total cost of £175, so you’re looking at around £200 for a birthday party like this.

The older they get, the more expensive the party will cost, as they make more friends and want to try something new each year.


A lot of parents host their children’s birthday party at home, with homemade cupcakes, bouncy castles and an entertainer. The costs can start adding up too, with decorations, food and goodie bags added to the bill.

Parents in the US on Winnie have been asking each other how much is too much, with some mothers saying they can do the whole day at home for under $100, whereas others quote $1000 if they’re going out or renting a room. However, in a survey questioning 2,000 mothers and fathers, parents in the UK have admitted to spending on average £320 on their child’s birthday party every year, excluding the amount of money spent on the gift bought too! It seems it’s a worldwide debate, but it all depends on your own preference and how much you’re willing to spend.

If the child is younger, parents are more likely to spend money on things for the other mothers and fathers instead, as the children often won’t remember it.

The Cake

Baking has got a lot more popular, with apps and social media sites that can give you recipes to make cool and unique cakes. Many parents are opting to save a little money and get creative with baking. Otherwise a store-bought cake could cost you around £25 in high street shops, with a boutique creation costing as much as £75 or more.

Browse this Pinterest thread for different ideas for your Children’s Party, from DIY party hats to homemade decorations.

The Present

How much is too much to spend on gifts for your birthday child? Back in 2017, a mother received backlash after she expressed her concern of whether £400 was the right amount to spend on her daughter’s presents. She went online to ask other parents if the amount of money would produce a big enough pile of gifts for her child’s birthday. People were shocked and exclaimed that £400 was way too much and that the mother was over-the-top.

Parents on Netmums have been debating how much parents should spend on presents, with the total varying from £30 to £200.

Spending a significant amount of money on gifts and toys that soon your child will outgrow may seem a little excessive. However, if you chose to put £400 into a savings account for your daughter or son for when they’re older, it may seem a lot more reasonable. If your child wants to get a mortgage or have a lovely honeymoon, then that £400 you gave them when they were four, can really help because of the power of compound interest. Use our Offspring app to start saving for your child’s future, today – find out more here.