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An easy and secure way to collect cash.

Offspring is a social saving tool.  It helps family, friends & communities save together towards their goals.

Offspring Contribution Page
Offspring social saving tool contribution page

What can you use Offspring for?

Saving for Birthday


Saving for Christmas


Teacher Gift

Leaving Collection

Saving for a new car

First Car

Saving for a wedding


Saving for a House

House Deposit



Social Saving Tool

Just because!

How it works

1. Sign up

It’s free, quick and easy to sign up. 

2. Setup a contribution page

So people know what you are saving for. 

Offspring Social Saving
Offspring Social Saving

3. Link to a bank or building society account of your choice

It’s where the money is paid directly.

4. Invite people to contribute with one link

Share a personalised link to get contributions to your goal.  Paid using a free and simple bank transfer

Social Saving Tool
Social Saving Tool

Watch as you get closer to your goal

You will be notified as contributions come in, tracking towards the goal!

Make saving together easy

As a Dad, I was frustrated every time my childrens’ birthdays came around. Friends and family would either send cash or cheques which I needed to deposit at the bank and often lost track of! 

We built Offspring, a social saving tool, so that family, friends & communities could come together and save easily towards things they really need.

Avinash Rajan, Co-Founder

Our social saving tool exists for families, friends & communities just like yours

So useful!

An easy way to collect money… equivalent to putting money in a card!


South East England


Simple to set up, use and receive payments from.  Great platform, would definitely recommend and use again.  

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Chair, School PTA

South West England

Very easy

I really like the simplicity of not having to give my account number to family & friends.